About Me

I am a licensed professional counselor in the state of Colorado with experience working with individuals, families, and couples. I specialize in the areas of children/adolescents and families, however I enjoy and welcome the opportunity to work with any range of possibilities and people.  My office is located in Frisco, CO and I am so grateful to be in Summit County. I also work with clients through Talkspace. Talkspace is an online messaging program where clients sign up for a subscripton to therapy and are matched with the appropriate therapist. I can be requested through that site for those out of state or country, or anyone looking for an alternative to face to face therapy. 

Originally from Michigan, I have an appreciation for the outdoors and leading an active lifestyle. The mountains of Colorado feed that lifestyle in ways I never realized possible. I enjoy mountain biking, snowboarding, yoga, traveling, and trail-running as my outlet for stress, as well as my source of happiness.  

I have many years of experience working in the counseling field.  I have found the experience to be both challenging and fulfilling for everyone involved.  Beginning a therapeutic relationship can often be very intimidating and stressful, however many find that the goal of finding relief can be achieved. My sessions can be designed however the person feels most comfortable.  I am not opposed to taking a hike, walk, or listening to music during sessions if that is what is needed.  As my experience in the field has gone, people are more comfortable and able to heal when they feel more at ease and "in their own element". It's my hope that in reading this you feel comfortable and ready to contact me with any additional questions or to set up your first appointment.